Monday, 21 September 2015

Representation In The Media

                                                         Image 1: Doug Bilhmaier
My representation: When I saw this photo I assumed this mad was poor and without a job. I thought this because of the scuffs on his shoes and the cloths he is wearing. Looking at the patches on his trousers I thought they must be old and worn out. His hair looks long and quite rough which made me presume he is homeless as he doesn't look particularly well groomed.

Doug Bilhmaier background: Doug Bilhmaier works for Ralph Lauren and is known for his unique style. Looking closer I notice that his trousers are clean and the shoes he is wearing are actually a very expensive design.

Image 2: Ralph Lauren

My representation: After seeing the photo I assumed this madras very wealthy and traditional looking t his stance and the way he is dressed. I used the mise-en-scene to assume this man was born into wealth as horses are often associated with the upper class.

Ralph Lauren background: Ralph Lauren is a fashion designer with a very successful clothing brand that is styled to be very classic and British. The photo portrays his style as he is dressed very smartly and looks particularly English.

Image 3: Lynn Yaeger

My representation: This photo made me think this lady is unique and follows her own style, at first I thought she was stuck in the past with her fashion sense but her makeup made me realise she wants to be this way.

Lynn Yaeger background: Lynn Yaeger is a fashion writer for vogue and know for her abstract and quirky style. Looking closer into the photo a clue to her wealth is the jewellery she is wearing.

Image 4: Ted Bundy

My representation: This man looks to be a smart, level-headed business man. His body language suggests to me that he is in charge and hard working, he presents himself to be quite wealthy and intelligent.

Ted Bundy background: Ted Bundy was an American serial killer, kidnapper, rapist and necrophile who assaulted and murdered numerous women and girls during the 1970s and possibly earlier.

Image 5: King Edward VIII

My representation: I perceived this man to be an intelligent, smart and hard working man. The mise-en-scene in this photo suggests to me this man could be a teacher or professor.

King Edward VIII background: This man was a king that wanted to marry for love but was forbidden to do so resulting in him going into exile in France and becoming known as the Duke of Windsor.

Image 6: River Phoenix

My Representation: In this photo I saw a laid back young lad. His choice of clothing suggests to me that he wants to make a statement about how he lives life without caring too much. The way he looks comfortable on the camera in a kind of slouched laid back position makes me wonder if he is a model.

River Phoenix background: River Phoenix was an actor who died in 1993 at the age of 23 from drug induced heart failure. His confidence in front of the camera makes it plausible that he is an actor. His most famous movies were 'Stand by Me' and 'My own private Idaho'.

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