Tuesday, 6 October 2015


One of the points that I noticed within the clip is the interior and exterior environment. The exterior environment includes a busy road. Their placement in the frame creates the image that they are small and insignificant compared to the tall buildings. The colour scheme is very bland and dull which links to the British weather(where they are from). He is leaning against the bar to look very relaxed in her company, this reflects that they must already know each other fairly well but doesn't reveal the history they have had.
Moving into the scene they go into her flat; it is very bland and lacks home comforts which doesn't conform to the stereotypical female flat. Also, there is are a lot of books and a black hole diagram, these could be a clue as to why she does for a living. There is also a telescope which is faced down to show she likes to watch people from a far. Her flat is quite masculine which foreshadows the power she has like a man would stereotypically hold.
The woman is dressed in business attire, she looks well put together with neat and tidy hair and well done makeup. Her lipstick is very noticeable which relates to her apparent seduction towards Luther. Luther dresses in smart but casual clothes as he is a policeman so he has the right balance. His choice dull colours reflect that he doesn't feel the need to openly express himself he is a private person.


In the opening scene to the episode 'Tony' of Skins the first shot if of Tony is a crisp tidy bed, this is odd as normally after a nights sleep covers would be far from tidy. Tony has a fairly bland tidy room which doesn't conform to stereotypes of teenage boys having messy cluttered rooms. The posters and colour in his room looks normal at first but looking deeper his calender is a famous artist Escher. His poster is of the movie 'Blow Up' directed by Antonio, this is a very old film. Also, we see Tony reading 'Nausea' which is unexpected for his age. Tying this together, Tony seems pretentious.
The scene portrays his morning routine, we see he cares about his appearance and it appears that it could be like a ritual as he is very tidy and organised. 

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