Friday, 6 May 2016

Mad Max Marketing- UK & US

Differences between the released UK trailer of Mad Max: Fury Road and the US Version

  • The trailer begins with slow paced editing; this appeals to a wide range of audiences because it doesn't immediately devote the trailer to an action movie. The trailer shows different characters in slow movement which makes it seem more personal and connotes more emotion that just total action and fighting.
  • A UK audience will be more drawn to the movie due to the use of cast names, it feature the stars in big bold writing taking up a whole shot. UK audiences will find this celebrity endorsement appealing.
  • The use of music is very different in the UK trailer, it features classical music playing over the action scenes this connotes a more intelligent story line as classical music reflects a higher class. By using this music the trailer appeals to British people as they will be interested in a more intellectually appropriate movie.
  • The trailer features prominent references to the previous Mad Max movies, the intro is a key reference and therefore links this movie to the previous ones.
  • From the beginning of the trailer, the editing is fast paced, this emphasises the action scenes and makes them seem more intense and exciting. It has voice overs on top of the action and explosions to make thicken the plot of the movie and avoid it looking over packed with action. The plot is shown more in order to give the audience a familiar feel which will therefore make them want to watch the movie.
  • There is intense music throughout the trailer and unlike the UK trailer it does not gloss over the action scenes with classical or asynchronous music but powerful and intense sound. This produces a trailer that emphasises the exciting action within the movie.
  • This trailer uses fast action scenes from the start, it opens with the main character running which pitches the idea of a full packed and entertaining blockbuster movie to the audience. The scenes shown do not defy the conventions of a blockbuster; includes explosions and stunts in order to attract its target market.

Film Posters

  • The UK film poster includes the iconic car therefore references the previous movies which were successful in the UK. This makes the poster more appealing to a UK audience and incorporates what was successful about previous Mad Max movies in order to make the new movie more appealing
  • The quote on this poster uses the quote 'What a lovely day', this is ironic and makes the movie more appealing to the audience of a UK target market.
  • The image used is still, this doesn't fully promote the action in the film because the iconography on the poster does this already. The mise en scene connotes the way the film mirrors previous sequels therefore the audience can trust that they will enjoy this film like they did the last ones.

  • The stars are the key focus of this poster, unlike the UK poster that uses iconography. Celebrity endorsement makes the poster more appealing to the USA target market and established actors like Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron are a contributing factor to the success of the poster.
  • The quote used, 'The Future Belongs To The Mad', this connotes that the film is perhaps about a revolution and that the 'future' is changing. The use of 'future' separates the movie from its sequels and doesn't reference the existing Mad Max  movies which weren't so successful in the USA.

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