Thursday, 19 November 2015

Representation on Ethnicity

How are black, white, Chinese and asian people represented in Tv Drama?

Black: An example of a black character is 'Danny' in 'Danny The Human Zoo'.
The British TV Drama 'Danny The Human Zoo' portrays black people as exotic by putting them in bright colours, also the show presents a large close family which conforms to stereotypes of black people. Also, the drama shows the racial struggle the main character 'Danny' faces in day to day life therefore supports stereotypes that black people are dangerous or seen as 'different'.

Another example in TV Drama is: 'Empire'
'Empire' constructs a representation of black people as being reckless in position power. Lucius conforms to the stereotype of violence within the black community because he has committed murders and is a intimidating character. Also, the TV Drama supports the common stereotype that black people come from a poor environment and grow up in single parent families.
Bonnie from 'The Vampire Diaries'
Bonnie from 'The Vampire Diaries' challenges stereotypes that black families are very close as her mother and father are not present, she lives with her grandmother and her friends are the closest thing to family. Also, Bonnie fails to conform as she doesn't only mix with people of the same ethnicity which is a common stereotype in the media.
Asian: Navid from '90210'
Navid is a very rich character with a large family this conforms to stereotypes of very rich asian men that live in exotic homes and drive expensive cars. Also, he is the head editor of the school newspaper and there are storylines related to his academic ability; this supports stereotypes that Asians are very clever.

Anwar Kharral from 'Skins'
Anwar supports stereotypes as he is an intelligent character who is also very religious. However, Anwar does drugs therefore he challenges stereotypes in this representation since he could take his religion more seriously and be more dedicated.

Emily from 'Pretty Little Liars'
Emily is quite a shy character which conforms to stereotypes of Asian people. She is very good at swimming and also intelligent, this portrays that she works hard therefore conforms to the common representation of asian people. Emily is gay which challenges stereotypes of asian people and it is rare to see this in a TV Drama.

White: Blair from 'Gossip Girl'

Blair conforms to stereotypical white girls and she is very focused on maintaining popularity, her reputation and always looking the best and having the newest trends. The TV Drama 'Gossip Girl' creates a reputation of white teenage girls to be spoilt and lack appreciation but are intelligent and well educated.

Effy Stonem from 'Skins'

Effy fails to conform to the stereotypes of white teenagers as she is doing drugs and recklessly getting drunk. Effy falls more into the common representation of black teenagers, this emphasises hw rebellious she is and portrays her generation as changing.

Ronnie Brooks from 'Law and Order UK'
As seen on the image above, Ronnie dresses in smart attire, he has a respectable job and is an intelligent friendly man. These representations conform to stereotypes of white people and this character perpetuates the ideology that white people are of power and status more often than not.

Chinese: Agent May from 'Agents of SHIELD'
Agent May fits into the common stereotypes that Chinese people are good at martial arts. She is the oldest member of SHIELD team but her quality and fitness stands out.  Her fighting technique requires fast thinking in order to have fast reflexes therefore she conforms to the stereotype of intelligent Chinese people.

Miranda Collins from 'Ravenswood'
Miranda is very brave and shows natural intelligence which conforms to stereotypes. However, she comes from a broken family therefore challenges common representations of Chinese people and the strict background they grow up in.

Glenn Rhee from 'The Walking Dead'

Glenn's signature item is his baseball cap and he worked as a pizza delivery boy therefore fails to conform to the stereotype of Chinese people having intellectual jobs. His character is resourceful and hopeful therefore does conform to stereotypes, his character is intelligent, calculating, selfless and brave. This positive representation reflects Chinese people to be brave and loyal.

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